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x-cart training


x-cart training We know what it takes to run an X-CART store. After all, we've been doing this for years. It's difficult to find companies to actually hold your hand and train you, show you what modifications will work for you, and why. There's a lot to running an X-CART shop, but the cost of not knowing what you're doing far outweighs the cost to actually learn what you need to succeed.


Whatever you need to learn to administer your site, we're here to help you. Whether it's running a specific module, knowing how to add meta data, or any old thing, we want you to know that there are NO stupid questions. Our trainers will take all of your issues, and get you the information you need to succeed.


How we train:


xcart trainingWe will work with you in a cognitive learning style to ensure the best delivery of information. Typically we'll ask you to send us a sample of what you'd like to train on. We'll prepare and already be versed on your before our call. We can also WebEx (live video demonstration) so that we can show you in a manner that's going to help you retain more. This way we can view you work as we coach you on  your desktop, or we can demo and you can watch. After our call, we'll summarize what we went over and short steps so that you have it for the future.


If requested, we can also create recorded demos.

Why us?


Why not? What do you have to lose? We really care about our clients and their success.


Give simplyXcart a try - we're simply wonderful.


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x-cart training
x-cart training
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