Welcome to simplyXcart


Welcome to simplyXcart!

We're happy you're here. Our team possesses years of valuable experience which includes providing great technical support working with the X-Cart.com team. We are America's X-CART only design house - offering many additional services that are set to revolutionize the small business eCommerce market.  xcart site health

Have the confidence of knowing that you are putting your eCommerce needs in the hands of true X-CART professionals and a company that has proven our X-CART experience with many satisfied clients.


Everything you need for your cart and more ... from hosting plans and domains, software and training to custom design and add-on modules! We also offer payment processing solutions, incredible hosting offerings, affordable call center and order fulfillment services - you're sure to find what you're looking for.


xcart developer    Specialized Support (we're friendly and take time to explain)
xcart developer Training (on demand video, tips & tricks, etc. in user id protected forum). How to add this, how to change your shipping, etc.
xcart developer Software (X-CART brand items, X-CART add on modules, and Installation Services.
xcart developer System Setup (Module configuration, Google Analytics addition, etc.)
xcart developer  Virtual Store Manager – ie virtual store manager time, format photos, add items, create / send newsletters, etc.
xcart developer  Affordable Hosting – PCI compliant hosting for X-CART customers at incredibly affordable rates.
xcart developer Design & Development – logo design and customization, site layouts, redesign of X-CART module appearance, etc.
xcart developer

Upgrades & Patches (security patches, new versions of x-cart)


simplyXcart also offers a unique array of services catering to your small business. 


You'll find the best rates for:


Call Center Services (Sales and Customer Service)

Order Fulfillment & Warehousing


Newsletter Management

Payment Gateways (if you already have a merchant account)

Merchant Accounts (incredible pricing and service)



We look forward to serving you and value your business. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


The simplyXcart team

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